Number 10 role in football

Number 10

The number 10 role in football is one of the most coveted and iconic positions on the field. From Maradona to Messi, some of the greatest players in history have donned the number 10 jersey and left their mark on the game. In this blog post, we will delve into what makes the number 10 role so special and why it continues to be a symbol of creativity, flair, and genius on the pitch.

Key Characteristics and Skills of a Number 10 Player

The number 10 role in football, also known as the playmaker or attacking midfielder, is one of the most coveted positions on the field. This player is responsible for creating and orchestrating plays, unlocking defenses, and providing key passes to set up goals. The role requires a unique combination of technical skills, tactical knowledge, and mental attributes.

1. Technical skills

Firstly, a number 10 player must possess exceptional ball control and dribbling abilities. They are often required to receive the ball in tight spaces and under pressure from opponents. Therefore, having quick feet and close control is crucial to their success in retaining possession and creating chances for their team.

2. Tactical knowledge

A number 10 player must possess tactical intelligence and awareness on the field. They need to understand their team’s style of play and adapt accordingly while also being aware of their opponent’s tactics. This allows them to position themselves effectively on the field and make intelligent decisions based on game situations.

3. Mental attributes

Aside from technical abilities, certain mental characteristics are essential for success in this role. A number 10 player needs confidence in their own abilities as well as strong leadership qualities. This player is often the one who takes charge and dictates the pace of the game, so having a strong personality and communication skills are vital.

Famous Number 10 Players in Football History

The number 10 has been worn by some of the greatest players in the history of the sport, who have left an indelible mark on the game with their skill, creativity, and leadership. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the most famous number 10 players in football history.

1. Diego Maradona

One name that cannot be missed when talking about number 10 players is none other than Diego Maradona. The Argentinian maestro is widely considered as one of the greatest footballers to have ever graced the field. Throughout his career, he mesmerized fans with his dribbling skills, precise passing, and unmatched vision on the pitch. He wore the number 10 jersey for both club and country and led Argentina to World Cup glory in 1986.

2. Lionel Messi

Number 10 1

In modern times, Lionel Messi has become synonymous with number 10 in football. The Argentine superstar has spent his entire professional career at Barcelona where he has broken countless records and mesmerized audiences with his incredible skill set. Messi’s ability to score goals from impossible angles and make defenders look foolish is simply unparalleled. He has also worn the coveted #10 jersey for Argentina national team since making his debut in 2005.

3. Ronaldinho

No list of famous number 10 players would be complete without mentioning Ronaldinho. The Brazilian playmaker was known for his flashy skills, creativity, and ability to score from anywhere on the pitch. He won numerous titles with both FC Barcelona and AC Milan and is remembered as one of the most entertaining players to watch.

4. Michel Platini

Number 10 2

Michel Platini is another legendary number 10 player who left a lasting impact on the game. The Frenchman was known for his elegant style of play, excellent passing abilities, and clinical finishing in front of goal. He won three consecutive Ballon d’Or awards in the 1980s and was an integral part of Juventus’ success in the 1980s.


The number 10 role in football has always been highly coveted and reserved for the most creative and skilled players on the field. These players have shown us just how influential a number 10 can be in shaping a team’s attack. One thing is for sure – the number 10 position will always hold a special place in football history.


1. What do the numbers on a player’s jersey mean?

The numbers on a player’s jersey serve as their identification number within the team. Each position on the field has a designated range of numbers assigned to it. For example, goalkeepers typically wear number 1, defenders wear numbers 2-6, midfielders wear 7-11, and strikers wear 9-11.

2. Can players choose their own jersey numbers?

Yes and no. While some clubs allow players to choose their preferred number, others assign them based on their position or seniority within the team.

3. Can players change their jersey number during a season?

Yes, they can if given permission by the league or competition’s governing body. However, this is rare and usually only happens for special occasions like tribute games or charity events.

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