Maradona turn

Maradona turn

Have you ever witnessed a move so iconic, it sends shivers down your spine? The Maradona Turn – the audacious 180-degree spin that left defenders in awe and spectators on their feet. Arguably one of the most mesmerizing techniques in football history, this blog post unravels the execution tips of this legendary skill while delving into Diego Maradona’s extraordinary legacy.

What is the Maradona Turn

The Maradona Turn, also known as the “La Gambeta” or “360 spin”, is a soccer move that was popularized by Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona. It is a technique used to quickly change direction and deceive opponents while maintaining control of the ball.

The move involves using both feet, hips, and body positioning to create a sudden change in direction. It requires quick reflexes, agility, and excellent ball control skills. The Maradona Turn can be executed in various situations on the field, making it a valuable skill for players of all positions.

This move is not only effective for attacking players looking to beat defenders but also for midfielders trying to evade pressure and create space for their teammates. It can also be used as a defensive move when trying to shield the ball from an oncoming attacker.

How to Perform the Maradona Turn

The Maradona turn involves quickly changing direction while dribbling with the ball, leaving defenders confused and off balance. To perform the Maradona turn, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Approach the defender

As you approach the defender with the ball at your feet, make sure to maintain a low center of gravity and keep your body between the defender and the ball. This will help protect your possession and give you more control over your movements.

Step 2: Drag the ball back

Using either foot, drag or roll the ball behind your standing leg in one fluid motion. Make sure to use enough force to create space between yourself and the defender.

Step 3: Spin around

While dragging back on the ball, quickly pivot on your standing leg towards your weaker side (if you are right-footed, spin towards your left). This movement should be swift yet controlled.

Step 4: Receive the ball with opposite foot

Once you have completed a full spin, receive or trap the ball with your opposite foot (in this case, if spinning towards your left side, use your right foot). Keep close control of the ball by cushioning it gently upon impact.

Step 5: Accelerate away from defender

After receiving or trapping the ball with your opposite foot, accelerate away from defenders into open space. Use quick changes of speed and direction to continue evading defenders and creating scoring opportunities for yourself or teammates.

Mastering the Maradona turn takes time and effort, but once perfected, it can be a highly effective move in any soccer player’s arsenal.

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Tips for Mastering the Maradona Turn

To help you perfect this impressive move, we have put together some tips for mastering the Maradona turn:

1. Master the Basics

Before attempting the Maradona turn, it is important to have a solid foundation of basic dribbling skills. This includes being comfortable with both feet and having good control of the ball while running at different speeds.

2. Practice Your Footwork

The key to executing a successful Maradona turn lies in your footwork. Start by standing still and placing your dominant foot on top of the ball while keeping your non-dominant foot planted next to it. Make sure your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet.

3. Use Your Body as a Shield

As you begin to rotate your body around the ball, use your arms to add balance and momentum. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times and use your body as a shield against any opponents trying to steal it from you.

4. Timing is Everything

One of the most crucial aspects of nailing this skill move is timing. You need to ensure that you are swift in changing direction but also retain control over the ball throughout the entire motion.

5. Practice Both Directions

To truly master this move, it’s important to be able to do it in both directions – clockwise and counterclockwise – without losing control or slowing down significantly.

6. Slow Down Before Speeding Up

When first learning how to perform this trick, start at a slower pace before gradually building up speed and fluidity in your movements.

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By following these tips and dedicating time to practice, you will soon be able to perform the Maradona turn effortlessly like a pro.


The Maradona turn has become synonymous with the legendary footballer Diego Maradona, who popularized it during his playing days. This move continues to be used by players in modern-day football and remains a fan favorite for its impressive execution.


1. Does Maradona have a signature move?

The Zidane turn, also known as the “roulette” or “360”, is a soccer move named after the legendary French player Zinedine Zidane. It involves quickly turning 360 degrees while keeping the ball close to your body, effectively shielding it from defenders and potentially creating space for a pass or shot.

2. What is Maradona’s best position?

Many consider Maradona’s best position to be as an attacking midfielder or second striker.

3. What kind of player is Maradona?

Maradona was a legendary football player, known for his incredible skills and techniques on the field. He was a dynamic and versatile player, able to score goals and assist his teammates with ease. His speed, agility, and quick thinking made him a formidable opponent for any team.

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